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A Passion for Music, A love of HiFi always Exceeding Expectations
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For more than two decades Choice HiFi has provided a unique and unrivalled service to the dedicated audiophile.

Born from the demand for clear concise and unbiased advice, together with the best price and service, we have been successful in marrying New, X-Dem and Second Hand hi-end audio equipment to fulfill our customers' needs and expectations.

At Choice HiFi you can choose from hundreds of hi-end hifi equipment manufacturers, from the well established to the emerging; Krell, Linn, Naim, Audio research, Mark Levinson, Focal JMLab, Halcro, Wilson Benesch, Michell Engineering, McIntosh, Sonus Faber, B&W, Chord Electronics, SME, Clearaudio, Boulder Amplifiers, Musical Fidelity, Ayre, EMM, YG, Stillpoints, Magico, MFA… to mention just a few.

HiFi reviews from HiFi News, HiFi World, HiFi Choice, HiFi+, Stereophile and other respected hifi press can only go so far.
Our 20+ year, hands on experience with all leading high end audio equipment brands, in all conceivable combinations, has meant that we have built up vast knowledge and experience; with no political axes to grind- we give it to you straight.

We welcome Part Exchange
At Choice HiFi we recognize that: -For every new piece of hi-end audio equipment purchased, there is likely to be a trade in or part-exchange of a used/ second hand piece of hi-end hifi equipment. This trade in, contrary to recognized wisdom, is in fact a benefit to us not a hindrance. It gives us the opportunity to fulfill someone else's requirements.
Uniquely we have also in recent years added the facility of allowing you to add your own items for sale to the HiFi Exchange.

This site lists our current stock. However if you are unable to find the specific item of new or used hi-end hifi equipment you require please contact us and we will track it down for you.

Home Cinema
A natural progression from hi-end audio is hi-end Home Cinema and film systems. Either projector or Plasma (LED/LCD) based Home Cinema systems can re create the passion scale and emotion only previously achievable in the best movie houses.

Home Automation
Integrated systems Or Custom Installation uses the latest digital and wireless technologies to distribute audio, control lighting and provide data storage and distribution whether it is music and film or computer networking a home automation infrastructure can do it all.

For further information on any subject of interest on this site please call Alain on

Tel: +44(0) 208 392 1959 Office
Tel: +44(0) 7768 720 456 Mobile

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